Established by Jessie Golden with an unwavering commitment to natural remedies and ancient wisdom, The Golden Secrets embodies a rich tapestry of global traditions. Beyond offering an impressive range of items, The Golden Secrets serves as a vital resource for enlightenment and support. Through its informative blog, educational videos, and interactive workshops, the brand empowers individuals to pursue their unique journey towards wellness and mindfulness. With a primary focus on expansion, DRM’s Paid Social and Search team identified Facebook Advertising (Meta) and Google as an ideal platform for The Golden Secrets, aligning perfectly with its target market and the active online community.


Recognizing the importance of widening their marketing channels to reach new audiences and maximize their impact, The Golden Secrets entrusted DRM with the task to not only optimize their advertising spend, but also strategically boosting purchases and drive conversions to achieve their desired outcomes. Leveraging sophisticated analytics tools provided by Meta and Google, we delved deep into the platform’s responsive statistics to uncover valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, our team identified avenues for organic expansion that seamlessly aligned with The Golden Secrets’ objectives and market positioning. This collaborative effort between The Golden Secrets and DRM was characterized by a meticulous approach to campaign optimization, continuous monitoring of performance metrics, and agile adaptation to changing market dynamics.  

The Outcome

By harnessing the analytics provided by Google and Meta, DRM exceeded The Golden Secret’s initial 3-month Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) target of 10x within the first months, achieving an outstanding 22x ROAS. This remarkable performance was attributed to the implementation of innovative creative techniques and strategic ad purchasing approaches. Moreover, these initiatives also contributed to a notable 15% rise in the overall average order value, showcasing the effectiveness of the newly adopted strategies in enhancing the brand’s performance and profitability. 



Increase In Purchases


ROAS For Retargeting Ads


Increase In Average Order Value

Utilizing the analytics provided by Google and Meta proved invaluable in extracting campaign and post metrics for The Golden Secrets. Our team observed that a significant portion of the target demographic, particularly women interested in holistic skincare remedies, actively engaged with the brand’s blog and workshops. Given this trend, Facebook emerged as a convenient platform for tracking the success of The Golden Secrets’ outreach efforts. By amalgamating insights from both Google and Meta, our team effectively leveraged statistical data to forecast potential sales and clicks, thereby enhancing the brand’s visibility and reach.


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