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Meta develops technologies that facilitate human connections, community discovery, and business advancement. The emergence of Facebook in 2004 revolutionized social interaction, while subsequent apps such as Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp have empowered billions globally. 

Shopify serves as a comprehensive commerce platform that empowers individuals to initiate and expand their businesses. It facilitates the creation of online stores, customer outreach, and payment acceptance across various sales channels, consolidating these functions into a single platform.

Google Ads, created by Google, is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to compete for showcasing concise ads, service offerings, product listings, and videos to internet users. It facilitates the placement of ads within search engine results, including Google Search.

In 2015, Gorgias was conceptualized with a vision to transform customer support.Gorgias initially started with a basic Chrome extension intended to streamline email composition through automation but quickly developed into a unparalleled help-desk solution.

Klaviyo stands as a marketing automation platform that streamlines eCommerce SMS and email marketing, aiding businesses in obtaining, retaining, and expanding their customer base through targeted marketing emails. 

 Pintrest’s marketing platform gives businesses a comprehensive marketing approach, aimed at utilizing Pinterest to engage new audiences, facilitating the discovery, foster customer connections, and amplify brand and product visibility.

accessiBe is an AI-Powered web accessibility solution that partners with the business community and general public on making websites and internet expierence compliant with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, ACA, and more.

LinkedIn is a social media platform centered around business and employment, offering businesses the opportunity to connect, create leads, enhance brand recognition, nurture professional relationships and collaborations, share content, and channel traffic to their websites.

TikTok is a social media platform focused on crafting, sharing, and exploring short-form videos. Primarily utilized by young individuals, the app serves as a creative space enabling self-expression through singing, dancing, comedy, lip-syncing.

AfterPay presents a digital payment solution accessible to online shoppers, enabling them to defer payments for their purchases. Users have the option to make weekly payments on their acquired items until the total amount is settled. AfterPay does not mandate a credit check and does not apply any interest charges.

Snapchat is a widely-used messaging app allowing users to send pictures and videos known as snaps, designed to vanish post-viewing. Through a Snapchat Business account, tailored filters can target specific audiences, engaging both existing and new Snapchatters.

PanoScape is cutting-edge collection of digital signage tools, delivering an unmatched virtual storytelling encounter. This patented and award-winning technology includes a user-friendly cloud-based CMS and robust analytics, serving as a versatile virtual platform for communicating distinctive messages.

AZIONE operates as a genuine extension of the brands, executives, and founders they partner with, working together to craft customized public relations strategies. Their creative brand development ensures that their partnered brands maintain an authentic presence at the forefront of consumer awareness.

OperationROI is a full-servicee-commerce management agency that specializes in developing marketing initiatives to grow successful e-commerce businesses in a variety of channels including shopping networks, marketplaces, affiliate programs, and website development.

Onus is a strategic consultancy passionate about helping both brands and individuals create meaningful connections, campaigns and content that set them apart from the crowd.With expertise in both traditional and web3 marketing, their approach is fully bespoke for every partner we collaborate with

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11505 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City, CA, 90230
+1 (310)-437-0778

11505 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City, CA, 90230
+1 (310)-437-0778

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