Fact Brand, a clothing company designed for the skateboarding community with lifestyle highlights in the punk-rock demographic of young adults and teens, came to DRM with the interest of expanding their audience and pin-pointing tactical components that would potentially be sources of abandoned carts and low website traffic rates, while having assurance that their target audience would be maximized to its fullest potential.


Our team found that although only 8% of site traffic were return visitors, they generated 35% of transactions, indicating a higher conversion rate. New visitors made up over 90% of traffic, presenting an opportunity for better engagement. We recommended promotional strategies like free shipping thresholds and bundle discounts to increase average order value. Objective website changes were suggested to enhance usability and increase visibility of the cart/checkout icon. Messaging about free shipping and returns policies was added to encourage email sign-ups. Analytics showed that 55% of users abandoned carts due to shipping costs, and 21% due to lack of clarity. Our aim was to decrease abandoned cart rates, improve checkout rates, and boost overall revenue.

The Outcome

By analyzing our findings and making adjustments to the website, we managed to reduce the abandoned cart rate on Fact Brand’s website by 34% and boost website traffic by 26%. Leveraging metrics from Facebook and Google, our team effectively implemented new strategies, resulting in successful aimed analytics. By integrating our insights with conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiatives on Fact’s website, the brand experienced a notable expansion in their social media audience reach, alongside a successful rate of 28% in new first-time customers.


Decrease in Abandoned Cart Rate


Increase in Website Traffic


First Time Customers

Combining Meta and Google Analytics, alongside conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts on their website, DRM provided substantial benefits to Fact Brand’s marketing strategies. Meta and Google Analytics offered comprehensive insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and audience demographics, enabling Fact to understand their audience better and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, implementing CRO techniques allowed them to optimize their website for better user experience and increased conversions. Together, these tools empowered the brand to make data-driven decisions, enhance website performance, and ultimately drive business growth by improving audience engagement, increasing conversions, and maximizing return on investment (ROI).


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