Prometheus, an avant-garde marketplace revolutionizing the landscape of investment processes by simplifying procedures and facilitating direct access to an array of financial vehicles such as hedge funds, private credit, venture capital, and more, entrusted DRM with the crucial mission of accelerating their business growth. Recognizing the pivotal role of strategic partnerships, our team diligently selected Meta and Google services as the optimal solution aligned with the company’s overarching goals and aspirations.


The primary objective for Prometheus was to increase app downloads and grow their daily user base. Additionally, they aimed to improve user engagement and retention, nurturing a sense of community and trust among their expanding user demographic. DRM identified that the target audience primarily comprised adult males in the investing world or those seeking insights into it, who were also active participants in streams, podcasts, and masterclasses. Facebook emerged as a primary platform for reaching this audience due to its accessibility and ability to generate high engagement statistics, while gathering analytical data from Google to ensure prioritized efficiency.  


The Outcome

The result materialized as a notable enhancement in the discoverability of Prometheus’s app, signifying a remarkable surge of 64%. This achievement not only bolstered the visibility of Prometheus’s app but also translated into tangible user engagement. Furthermore, DRM’s strategic approach left a profound impact on the download rate. By guiding potential users through a meticulously crafted funnel, the download rate experienced a substantial upswing, marking an impressive 47% increase. This demonstrates the efficacy of DRM’s methodology in not only attracting users but also in fostering meaningful interactions and driving tangible outcomes in Prometheus’s app performance metrics.  



Increase In App Discoverability  


Increase In Total App Downloads YoY


Return On Ad Spend

As a result of our collaboration with Prometheus, the company experienced not only a surge in viewership and engagement but also achieved a remarkable 4x return on ad spend. We deem our partnership with Prometheus to be highly successful in meeting the company’s initial objectives. 

With Meta’s extensive array of cutting-edge tools and resources at our disposal, combined with knowledge from Google analytics to define targeted propositioning in strategic assets, we succeeded in magnifying Prometheus’s reach, fortifying its foothold in the market, and driving forward its noble mission of democratizing access to a wide spectrum of investment opportunities. Armed with the programs’ innovative solutions, we expanded Prometheus’s influence, elevated its visibility, and ushered in a new era of inclusivity and accessibility in the realm of investments.

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