Beach Riot, a brand focused on women’s apparel encompassing daily wear, activewear, and swimwear, sought assistance from DRM to bolster growth and maximize the effectiveness of targeted campaigns aimed at boosting consumer awareness. Our team determined that utilizing the services of Google and Meta would be the most suitable approach to achieve their desired objectives.


The primary goal for Beach Riot was to enhance brand awareness and expand their customer base. Additionally, they aimed to elevate user engagement and retention, fostering a sense of community and trust among their growing customer demographic. DRM discovered that the target audience primarily consisted of women interested in fashion and lifestyle, particularly those seeking stylish and versatile clothing options for various occasions. This audience was active on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and fashion blogs, making them ideal targets for Beach Riot’s marketing efforts. Facebook emerged as a primary platform for reaching this audience due to its visual nature and high engagement rates among fashion-forward users, by following strategies developed from Google analytics, giving us insight into the brand’s user engagement rates for targeted campaigns and content.

The Outcome

The strategic initiatives undertaken by DRM for Beach Riot yielded impressive outcomes within one year of collaborative works. These included a total of 22,348,549 impressions, with an average of 2,483,172 impressions per month. Additionally, the purchase return on ad spend (ROAS) for 7-day click attribution reached a remarkable average of 6.2, indicating significant returns on the advertising investments made. Furthermore, the campaign generated an average of 42,021 link clicks per month, totaling 546,271 link clicks YoY. These metrics underscore the efficacy of the marketing strategies employed by DRM in amplifying Beach Riot’s brand presence and driving meaningful engagement with their target audience. 


Total Impressions YoY


Total Link Clicks YoY


Average ROAS For 7-Day Click Rate MoM

Meta and Google services played a pivotal role in optimizing the successful growth of Beach Riot. Leveraging Meta’s platform, particularly through Instagram advertising, facilitated a substantial increase in impressions, while Google services, contributed to a remarkable purchase return on ad spend. These outcomes demonstrate the synergistic impact of Meta and Google services in driving Beach Riot’s successful growth and maximizing the effectiveness of their targeted marketing campaigns.


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