Corleone presents the official culinary assortment inspired by The Godfather movie, showcasing genuine Italian dishes influenced by Don Vito Corleone-Clemenza’s sauce, Genco Olive Oil, and additional delights. Seeking assistance from the DRM team, known for our expertise and track record in Meta advertising, the brand was aiming to broaden its demographic reach and entice new customers.



Given that Corleone’s offerings cater not only to aficionados of food and pasta but also to devotees of The Godfather franchise, our team saw an opportunity to capitalize on Facebook advertising. With a primary focus on reaching a mature audience, including families and individuals who actively engage with content related to foods, pastas, recipes, and similar topics, Facebook emerges as the platform with the broadest user base matching this demographic profile. By targeting such users, Corleone aimed to extend its reach and engage with potential customers who align with its brand ethos and product offerings.

The Outcome

Through our endeavors to raise public awareness of Corleone Fine Italian Foods, a burgeoning company offering a curated selection of sauces and oils, our team witnessed remarkable growth within just one year. By intensifying our focus on Corleone through Meta platforms alone, we garnered enthusiastic feedback and observed an average monthly increase in gross revenue of 64%, culminating in total sales of $42,000 by year’s end. These encouraging outcomes translated into an impressive year-over-year gross revenue surge of 1310%, affirming the significant value of their partnership with DRM.


Average Increase In Gross Revenue MoM


In Total Sales


Increase In Gross Revenue YoY

Meta advertising proved highly successful for Corleone due to its targeted approach and effective utilization of the platform’s capabilities. By leveraging Meta’s extensive user base, Corleone saw exponential growth in public awareness and sales within just one year. With a focus on reaching a mature audience interested in foods, pastas, and related topics, the campaign achieved growth in its audience, and revenue, which was the targeted goal overall.

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