Merritt Charles, a women’s clothing brand championing sustainability and the promotion of positive values, sought DRM’s expertise to broaden their audience via Snapchat and Facebook advertising. Their goal was to organically expand and boost sales within their target demographic.


We chose to continue A/B testing for each ad group and delve into UGC-inspired creatives to amplify impressions and engagement in their campaigns. Furthermore, we conducted additional experiments in audience targeting across Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, specifically targeting potential consumers and followers of brands with similar demographics. This comprehensive strategy was designed to elevate Merritt’s brand visibility and unlock its revenue potential.

The Outcome

Upon analysis, we observed that the brand’s performance was notably stronger on Facebook and Instagram, where the majority of impressions and sales were generated. This led us to underscore the importance of allocating more resources and attention to these platforms. With creatives meticulously tailored to resonate with the desired target audience, Merritt achieved over 322k impressions on Facebook and Instagram month-over-month (MoM). Paid Social initiatives contributed to approximately 90% of all additions to cart and a significant 86% of all online store purchases. Notably, over a four-month span, the brand acquired 232 purchases through Meta alone, resulting in a noteworthy 21% increase in online conversion rates MoM.


Impressions Through Meta MoM


Increase In Online Store Purchases


Increase In Online Conversion Rates MoM

Our success with Merritt was evident through the strategic shift towards prioritizing Meta over Snapchat. Targeting women aged 24-45, we determined that Snapchat advertising was not financially viable as it did not align with the primary demographic’s activity. By redirecting our efforts towards Meta ads and campaigns, the DRM team effectively expanded the brand’s audience and bolstered its brand awareness, consequently driving an uptick in online sales.


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