Gold Sheep Clothing, a vibrant women’s brand dedicated to crafting stylish and functional activewear, embarked on a mission to expand its reach and connect with a broader audience. Recognizing the power of digital marketing, they turned to the expertise of the DRM team. With a focus on Paid Social and Paid Search services, Gold Sheep aimed to optimize their visibility across various online platforms. By leveraging strategic targeting and engaging ad campaigns, they sought to amplify brand awareness and drive meaningful interactions with their captivating designs and graphics.


When assessing Gold Sheep’s expansion across multiple platforms, our team prioritized setting a monthly spending limit for Paid Search and Social services. We also suggested ongoing experimentation with ad copies catering to different consumer preferences, along with testing more videos featuring sound on stories and Snapchat placements. Emphasizing the promotion of upcoming sales and the brand’s debut of a new Maternity collection through the Nordstrom Wholesale Partnership was also underscored by our team.

The Outcome

Through our suggested enhancements to specific content aimed at capturing a broader audience and boosting sales, Gold Sheep achieved a remarkable 3.85x ROAS. Our analysis revealed that while the highest number of purchases originated from the 35+ age group via Snapchat, the 21-24 age bracket exhibited the highest average order value AOV and the most engagement in terms of impressions. By tailoring campaign content to resonate with this demographic while maintaining a broad appeal across all age groups, Gold Sheep witnessed a significant 39% MoM increase in e-commerce traffic. Our Paid Social services accounted for approximately 80% of all additions to cart, while both our Paid Social and Search services collectively contributed to around 46% of all online store purchases. Furthermore, these achievements translated into a noteworthy 193% surge in Facebook eCPM and an exceptional 2066% increase in Snapchat eCPM. 


Return On Ad Spend


Web Traffic Increase


Increase In Online Store Purchases

Combining Paid Social and Paid Search services was pivotal for Gold Sheep Clothing’s success in boosting both audience and revenue through increased website traffic. This integrated approach effectively targeted audiences across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat while ensuring visibility in relevant search engine results. By synergizing these efforts, Gold Sheep maximized brand presence, expanded their audience, and drove significant traffic to their website, resulting in enhanced revenue generation.


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