Flynn Skye, a women’s fashion label based in Venice, California, focuses on creating feminine attire for women, by women. Seeking to enhance their growth and optimize targeted marketing efforts to increase consumer awareness, they enlisted DRM’s assistance. Our team recommended harnessing the power of Google and Meta services as the ideal strategy to fulfill their goals.


Flynn Skye’s main objective was to boost brand recognition and widen their customer base. Moreover, they aimed to enhance user interaction and loyalty, nurturing a community and fostering trust among their expanding customer demographic. DRM uncovered that the key audience primarily comprised women with a penchant for luxurious Bohemian fashion. This demographic was notably active on Facebook and with the brand being frequently featured in various publications, it made Facebook a prime target for Flynn Skye’s marketing endeavors. This approach was informed by strategies derived from Google Analytics, providing valuable insights into the brand’s user interaction rates for targeted campaigns and content.  

The Outcome

DRM’s strategic efforts on behalf of Flynn Skye resulted in remarkable collaborative achievements, garnering more than 700,000 impressions. As the brand’s audience expanded, their click-through rate surged by 47%, signaling considerable interest from fresh viewers. Additionally, the advertised campaigns saw a notable 39% increase in month-over-month sales. These metrics highlight the effectiveness of DRM’s marketing strategies in magnifying Flynn Skye’s brand visibility and fostering significant engagement with their intended audience.


Increase In Impressions From FB Ads


Increase In Click-Through Rates


Increase In Sales MoM

Both Meta and Google services were instrumental in optimizing Flynn Skye’s successful growth. Utilizing Meta’s platform led to a significant uptick in impressions, while Google services contributed to a notable increase in purchases, attracting loyal customers and broadening their audience base from analytic evidence we found of their primary customer-type. These results illustrate the synergistic effect of Meta and Google services in propelling Flynn Skye’s successful expansion and enhancing the efficiency of their targeted marketing initiatives.


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