Staple Pigeon engaged DRM’s team to expand their audience reach and better understand their target demographics. This involved monitoring audience behavior to refine campaign direction and channel allocation. DRM employed Snapchat advertising, Meta platforms, Email, and Google services to effectively target and analyze customer segments.


To attract fresh clientele, DRM capitalized on Staple’s efficient email and SMS acquisition channels, converting incoming traffic into loyal customers. Our focus on bottom-of-funnel marketing entailed crafting robust SMS pathways and prioritizing analytics tailored to the streetwear community, predominantly comprising men and to some extent women aged 18-34, especially those with a penchant for streetwear fashion, to enhance customer retention and conversions. For new subscribers yet to make a purchase, we deployed distinct and time-sensitive offers, extending these initiatives to Staple’s existing customer base. Through our research, we identified campaign styles and newsletter formats that yielded higher engagement metrics, thereby increasing the likelihood of potential consumers progressing to checkout via web traffic analysis. Furthermore, we introduced a comprehensive post-purchase journey featuring compelling copy and creative elements to effectively stimulate repeat business.

The Outcome

Through our strategic marketing collaboration with Staple Pigeon, we witnessed notable growth across all accessibility channels, thanks to our targeted approach towards customers with a previous purchasing history with the brand. Capitalizing on Staple’s audience’s enthusiasm for exclusive offers, sales, and limited-time drops, we observed a remarkable 65% surge in subscriptions for SMS and Email Marketing within the initial three months of the service launch. This surge was complemented by an 11.9% increase in click-through rates, culminating in an impressive total of 398,651 recipients solely from subscription-based analysis. With such a remarkable success rate, Staple Pigeon managed to achieve a substantial 36% checkout rate, resulting in a significant monthly revenue increase of $46k.


Increase In Impressions MoM


Increase In Purchases


Increase In Click Through Rate

Drawing from the advice we imparted to Staple Pigeon, optimizing your audience expansion through an agency involves strategically utilizing Google, Snapchat, and Facebook ad services, while harnessing Email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website, thereby boosting checkout rates. Google Ads enhance visibility through targeted search and display ads, capturing user intent effectively. Snapchat Ads, known for engaging younger demographics, bring dynamism and visual appeal to your campaigns. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads offer a versatile platform with precise targeting and diverse ad formats to reach a broad audience. Integrating these services into a marketing strategy can amplify visibility, engagement, and conversions, forging a holistic and potent digital presence.

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