The Local Love Club was looking to leverage Meta advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Email services with the help of DRM to significantly benefit their online presence. The synergy of these services was set to ensure a consistent brand message across channels, foster data-driven decision-making, optimize the customer journey, and ultimately maximize return on investment (ROI). By strategically integrating these components, we were able to build a powerful and cohesive digital marketing strategy that effectively engaged customers, nurtured leads, and drove business growth for the brand.


Our team seamlessly revamped Local Love Club’s marketing by optimizing the website’s user interface, introducing persuasive email pop-ups for discounts and early release notifications, and implementing effective email automation. This initiative not only boosted website traffic, reduced abandoned carts, and increased purchases but also strategically targeted the primary audience of women aged late teens to early/mid-thirties through precise Meta advertising. Integrating insights from social media platforms like Instagram into Meta and CRO strategies, we aligned our email direction for a cohesive digital marketing approach. The result was an optimized customer journey, elevated engagement, and increased conversion rates, fostering substantial business growth for The Local Love Club.


The Outcome

Through the implementation of our email tactics for The Local Love Club, encouraging customer subscriptions via the redesigned website homepage with a strategically placed pop-up, the brand experienced a noteworthy 59% upswing in total campaign recipients, totaling 49,194 recipients overall. This surge contributed to a remarkable 64% increase in the open rate, reaching 39.41% within the initial three months of our interventions. The success of these email engagements translated into a substantial year-over-year increase in placed orders, showing a growth of 33%, generating $23,017.42 in revenue. 

In addition to the positive impact on email metrics, our strategic approach to their Meta services yielded a 10.07% Change in Gross Revenue Year over Year (YoY). With thoughtfully placed ads targeting their audience and enhancements in website navigation along with an uptick in email subscriptions, the brand witnessed a significant increase in orders, resulting in $664,823.99 in sales YoY. This, in turn, contributed to a rise in their ROI average, standing at 2.14, with a 10.07% Change in Gross Revenue YoY. These results were achieved through careful revisions guided by previous analytics.


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Purchases


Average ROI

Through our email integration service for The Local Love Club, we witnessed a significant surge in subscribers, driving increased traffic to the recently updated website features facilitated by our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services. We measured an average of active recipients, achieving an impressive 73% open rate, and identified the number of visitors actively engaging with the email content, yielding a 3.4% click rate. Remarkably, this translated into a .4% placed order rate within the initial moments of a single email blast sent out to newsletter subscribers.


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