Conceived by Justin Bieber, The House of Drew stands as a vibrant and inclusive brand, championing self-expression and celebrating individuality. In their pursuit of enhancing their digital presence and optimizing online performance, the brand sought the expertise of DRM in conversion rate optimization (CRO). Collaborating with DRM, our team aimed to refine their digital strategies, ensuring that their message of self-expression and individuality reached and resonated with a broader audience. Through this partnership, Drew House aimed to further amplify its impact and strengthen its connection with its community of supporters.


In a strategic partnership, Drew House collaborated with DRM to overhaul their landing page, aiming to optimize conversions before the launch of their new website. DRM crafted a customized landing page aligned with Drew House’s brand ethos, prioritizing youthfulness and simplicity. With meticulous attention to detail, the revamped landing page enhanced user experience and seamlessly streamlined the conversion process, reflecting Drew House’s identity and inviting deeper engagement. This partnership not only boosted conversion rates but also laid a solid foundation for ongoing digital success.


The Outcome

Through a skillful amalgamation of conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics, DRM executed a comprehensive strategy that yielded a substantial uptick in purchases from highly engaged visitors. This achievement marked a significant milestone, as it resulted in a notable 61% increase in click-through rates when juxtaposed with performance from previous months. Moreover, the implementation of these strategies led to a substantial 43% surge in conversion rate (CRV) and an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.1, showcasing the effectiveness of DRM’s approach in driving tangible results for Drew House. 



Conversion Increase


CRV Increase


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

DRM’s CRO services not only provided tangible benefits for Drew House but also played a pivotal role in driving substantial improvements across various key metrics. These included an increase in purchases, a boost in click-through rates, and a notable uptick in conversion rates. Moreover, the strong return on advertising investment further underscored the value of DRM’s strategic optimization approach. These outcomes collectively highlight the crucial role of meticulous optimization in elevating the overall performance and profitability of Drew House’s digital marketing initiatives.


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