Seek Discomfort, a lifestyle and apparel brand, sought to expand its reach beyond organic growth. They approached DRM to assist in developing their social media marketing funnel, refining audience targeting, and shaping their messaging. Our collaboration, featuring evergreen campaigns and partnerships with brands like Lululemon, has resulted in a consistent 4.62x attributable ROAS.


For Seek Discomfort, our team implemented tailored strategies across Meta (Facebook), Snapchat Spend, and YouTube Spend, refining audience targeting, improving social media funnels, and optimizing messaging. Collaborations with influencers, including brands like Lululemon, boosted visibility. DRM’s Paid Social strategy included structured iterative testing across Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube, establishing a streamlined product-based campaign structure for rapid scaling. The campaigns, incorporating product-specific lookalikes, contributed to sustained positive return on ad spend (ROAS), fostering overall growth and engagement across platforms.

The Outcome

Thanks to DRM’s strategic guidance from Seek Discomfort’s analytics, we identified growth opportunities, resulting in a high-performing content library optimized for ongoing growth. In the annual YoY report, we noted a significant 3.96% sales increase, reaching nearly $5 million during the 2020 pandemic challenges. Despite a single Post Boost during a shopping behavior downturn, it garnered 14,443 impressions and a 1.09 ROAS in six days. Seek Discomfort continued Post Boosting in 2021 for awareness, followership, and retention. By July 2021, the Blended Gross Return Ad Spend (BG ROAS) reached an impressive 25.94, surpassing the targeted monthly BG ROAS of 25. Insights revealed Snapchat outperformed Facebook and Instagram with a Trackable ROAS of 9.5X, guiding platform preferences and content optimization for future campaigns.


In Sales YoY




Increase In Sales YoY

Our team was also tasked with the opportunity to revise some of the features of Seek Discomfort’s website, creating a friendlier user experience by implementing personalized shopping filters for each “Collections” category, while also adding revisions to the site’s PDPs, refining the browsing process and creating an easier navigation through the site. We also enhanced the online shopping cart, providing recommended products during checkout to encourage additional purchases. Additionally, a newsletter prompt was added, fostering community and brand connection while offering subscribers exclusive discounts and alerts on new releases. These enhancements aimed to create a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience while promoting ongoing customer engagement and loyalty.


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