Hoorsenbuhs collaborated with DRM to enhance their strategies in Paid Social and Paid Search, with the goal of achieving profitable and efficient scaling after a decline in growth for high-cost jewelry items. Maintaining a delicate equilibrium between growth and efficiency, and remaining loyal to their exclusive luxury audience, Hoorsenbuhs worked closely with DRM to pinpoint growth prospects and minimize cost-related risks.


To enhance Hoorsenbuhs’ brand identity, DRM acknowledged the goal of attracting a wider high-end clientele. Our team strategically used Meta services for Boosted Post Campaigns, minimizing the risk of revenue loss by reaching untapped avenues. This initiative boosted visibility, resonating with a new audience without compromising financial stability.

The Outcome

Hoorsenbuhs not only met but exceeded its initial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) objectives through the astute application of strategic ad buying techniques. The distinguished jewelry brand experienced extraordinary success, garnering over 800,000 impressions on Meta, a testament to the effectiveness of their approach. This achievement translated into a remarkable 4.2x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), underscoring the efficacy of their advertising strategy. The heightened exposure through Meta, combined with the compelling nature of their marketing efforts, contributed significantly to an outstanding 18% year-over-year growth in overall sales. The brand’s ability to not only meet but surpass their initial goals underscores the success of their tailored advertising approach and the resonance it found with their expanding customer base. 


Increase In Meta Impressions


Return On Ad Spend


Growth in Sales YoY

The brand’s surpassing of initial goals highlights the success of our customized advertising strategy and its resonance with the growing customer base. Emphasizing their curated celebrity endorsements, we executed Meta campaigns, ensuring stability in targeting customers familiar with or inclined to purchase from Hoorsenbuhs. These ad types, coupled with high-quality content, proved successful, expanding visibility to a new platform, enriching the overall brand experience.


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