Anne Sisteron sought to incorporate forward-thinking strategies with the primary goal of enhancing brand awareness and driving high-intent traffic to their website. The objective was to implement innovative and effective approaches that not only elevated the brand’s visibility but also attracted visitors with a strong inclination to engage with the products and offerings. Crucially, the overarching strategy prioritized cost-effectiveness to ensure that the implementation of these innovative initiatives aligned seamlessly with the company’s financial considerations.


DRM recognized potential growth prospects that heightened Anne Sisteron’s direction in targeting an audience seeking luxury jewelry. The acquisition strategy focused on introducing customers to the brand, featuring diverse items and collections, and clearly conveying primary value propositions, strategically aligning campaigns with gift-giving holidays. Anne Sisteron’s creative played a crucial role, and with meticulous expense management, DRM facilitated successful E-commerce expansion, achieving a notable 24% year-over-year growth.  

The Outcome

Through our meticulously crafted strategy for Anne Sisteron, the brand witnessed an impressive 104% growth in gross revenue year over year, leading to a substantial 113% increase in net revenue, totaling $409,491.77. Employing comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services for website enhancements and Meta Boosted Post Campaigns, DRM successfully raised the e-commerce conversion rate by 76.6%, reaching an outstanding 0.41%. Accompanied by a notable 16% surge in transactions, the average order value also experienced a significant 7% increase, reaching $1,285.26 per order.


Increase In Net Revenue YoY


Increase In E-Comm Conversion Rate


Increase In Transactions

The implementation of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services, combined with strategic Meta advertising, synergistically contributed to a successful outcome for Anne Sisteron. CRO services enhanced the website’s functionality, leading to a substantial increase in the e-commerce conversion rate. Simultaneously, Meta advertising, particularly through Boosted Post Campaigns, played a pivotal role in driving a 104% YoY increase in gross revenue, showcasing the powerful impact of a well-integrated digital marketing strategy.


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