As a digital marketing agency, DRM undertook a comprehensive strategy to enhance Elwood’s public presence across Meta, CRO, WebDev, Google, and Snapchat. The goal was to amplify visibility and optimize user experience through targeted content and advertisements, ensuring a cohesive and impactful digital presence across various platforms.


By exploring various avenues, DRM meticulously devised a comprehensive plan outlining recommended website changes aimed at creating a more user-friendly layout. Our analysis revealed that a significant 79.87% of the brand’s viewers accessed the site via mobile devices. Consequently, we proposed a structured redesign for the homepage, navigation, Collections page, Product Detail Pages (PDP), and cart/checkout. Anticipating that a revamped website with enhanced features would attract more engagement, we predicted increased purchase conversions from visitors arriving via Facebook, Snapchat, and Google. This strategic approach aimed to reduce the average abandoned cart rate and boost overall net sales. 

The Outcome

By running Boosted Post Campaigns across various platforms and prioritizing SEO on Google ad spends, the revamped website achieved notable success, boasting a month-over-month increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate by 26.8%, totaling 1.64%. This improvement signaled heightened customer engagement, evidenced by a significant 22.9% increase in monthly transactions, totaling 1.4k. Notably, Facebook Ads played a pivotal role, contributing an impressive 11.8x Blended Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) month over month, accompanied by a 39.34% surge in link clicks, totaling 19,654. These results affirm that our recommendations played a crucial role in the brand’s success. The cumulative impact of increased visitors, heightened website traffic, and effective Boosted Post Campaigns culminated in a substantial 24.6% boost in revenue, amounting to $129,767.26 for Elwood.


Increase In Impressions MoM


Increase In Purchases


Increase In Click Through Rate

From the advice we passed on to Elwood, enhancing your website through a digital marketing agency can be optimized with strategic utilization of Google, Snapchat, and Facebook ad services. Google Ads can elevate your visibility through targeted search and display ads, capturing user intent. Snapchat Ads, known for engaging a younger audience, bring a dynamic and visually appealing element to your campaign. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads offer a versatile platform, combining precise targeting and diverse ad formats to reach a broad audience. Integrating these services into a website update can boost visibility, engagement, and conversions, creating a holistic and effective digital presence.


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