Given the task of enhancing Flower Beauty’s visibility in the competitive women’s beauty industry, we spearheaded all paid social advertising strategies. Employing a rigorous creative optimization process, we significantly boosted advertising performance to unprecedented levels. Through innovation and data-driven refinement, we not only achieved remarkable results but also set new benchmarks for success in the industry.


To ensure the optimal performance of our advertisements, we conducted a thorough analysis of Flower Beauty’s purchase volume, return on ad spend (ROAS), click metrics, and spending thresholds. Through this meticulous examination, we identified areas where our ads were not meeting our desired objectives. In response, we implemented a strategic approach aimed at maximizing the efficiency of our advertising efforts. Our approach involved a three-tiered process designed to optimize different stages of the customer journey consisting of acquisition, re-marketing, and retention. Acquisition was focused on attracting new customers to the brand by carefully monitoring the performance of our ads and paying close attention to metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates. Re-Marketing entailed engaging back with previous followers and viewers who had already interacted with Flower Beauty in some way, while retention was targeted to nurture existing customer relationships to encourage repeat purchases and foster brand loyalty.  

The Outcome

Through our rigorous testing and optimization efforts, we achieved remarkable results for Flower Beauty’s advertising campaigns, particularly on Facebook. We were able to leverage the company’s purchases directly attributed to our Facebook ads by an impressive $485k. Additionally, we generated an additional $20k in attributable purchases, further demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies in driving consumer action. Moreover, our initiatives led to a substantial 63% increase in conversion rates, indicating a significant improvement in the efficiency of the advertising funnel. This boost in conversions translated into tangible growth in Flower Beauty’s sales, contributing to the overall success of the brand. 


In Purchases From FB Ads


In Attributable Purchases


Increase In Conversion Rates

Throughout this three-tiered process, our goal was to optimize the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns for Flower Beauty, ensuring that we were maximizing our return on investment and driving sustainable growth for the brand. By deactivating underperforming ads and reallocating resources towards high-performing ones, we were able to achieve better results and scale our advertising efforts more efficiently.


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