Shylee Rose Jewelry is born from founder Erees Beyda’s personal odyssey, driven by a deep passion for self-expression manifested in wearable art. Immersed in the realms of metal smithing and gemology, she honed her skills to metamorphose raw materials into exquisite creations. As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, Shama meticulously ensures that each gemstone radiates its individual splendor, elevating the enchantment of every piece. Wanting to gain a broader audience to publicize campaigns to, Beyda embarked on a quest for organic growth for Shylee Rose Jewelry, utilizing Facebook advertisements (Meta), Google Ads, and Email marketing in collaboration with DRM’s team.


Shylee Rose joined forces with DRM to enhance brand visibility and bolster online sales. Upon partnering with Shylee Rose, we identified the opportunity to broaden their customer base. Utilizing Facebook’s lookalike audience feature, our team targeted individuals with traits resembling those of past buyers. We initially established a Custom Audience comprising recent product purchasers in the US over the previous 180 days, from which we derived three lookalike audiences. By directing campaigns towards this specified demographic via Facebook and Google, we aimed to augment website traffic, consequently boosting purchase volumes. This strategy led to a rise in both curious viewers and new customers, resulting in an uptick in email newsletter subscriptions. Moreover, with incentives on new releases and special promotions, we observed a 35% increase in Add to Cart actions.

The Outcome

DRM meticulously dissected and categorized audiences, discerning the most receptive demographics to target for Shylee Rose. This strategic approach was further fortified by the implementation of lookalike audience targeting, allowing for a more refined and effective outreach strategy. With a clear objective in mind, DRM’s paid media team not only met but exceeded their goal of achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2-3X. As the campaign progressed, DRM progressively expanded Shylee Rose’s advertising budget month by month. However, their approach was not merely about scaling; it was about implementing a nuanced strategy focused on maximizing Average Order Value (AOV). Central to this strategy was the promotion of Shylee Rose’s Best Sellers Collection, leveraging its appeal to attract high-value customers.

This concerted effort yielded tangible results. Notably, there was a substantial 27% increase in customer acquisition (ACQ), reflecting the effectiveness of the targeted approach. Moreover, the campaign generated an immediate and significant 16% boost in Shylee Rose’s social media following, indicative of heightened brand visibility and engagement. 


Average Cost Aqcuisition Increase


Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Adds To Cart

By fortifying the brand’s acquisition pipeline through meticulously tailored advertising campaigns and astute budget management, DRM forged a robust framework for Shylee Rose Jewelry’s success in the subsequent phases of the sales funnel. This holistic strategy, meticulously crafted to resonate with the brand’s target audience, not only yielded immediate returns but also established a resilient platform for sustained growth and profitability. In essence, DRM’s comprehensive approach not only delivered immediate results but also positioned Shylee Rose Jewelry for enduring success in the competitive landscape of the jewelry industry. By prioritizing targeted acquisition strategies and prudent budget allocation, DRM set the stage for Shylee Rose Jewelry to thrive and flourish well into the future.

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